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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

YKJD-8009NL 10/100 BASE-T Tab Down RJ45 Ethernet Connector

INGKE YKJD-8009NL 10/100 BASE-T Tab Down RJ45 Ethernet Connector
Equivalent: Bel SI-60005-F,Pulse J00-0065NL,Pulse J0006D21BNL,Pulse JXR0-0011NL,TE 5-6605308-1,Pulse JD0-0004NL,Pulse JD0-0001NL,5-6605425-1,Pulse JD0-0003NL,TE 5-1840406-8,Pulse JXD0-0006NL,Pulse JXD0-0001NL,Pulse JKM-0013NL,Pulse JKM-0200NL,Pulse JX0011D21BNL,Pulse J00-0086NL,Pulse J00-0066NL……

Products Overview
Applications: 100Base-T,1000Base-T,2.5GBase-T,5GBase-T,10GBase-T (Optional)
Power over Ethernet: PoE,PoE Plus,POE Plus+ (Optional)
PoE Rating: 15W,30W,60W,90W//350mA,600mA,720mA,800mA,900mA,1000mA (Optional)
Tab Direction: Tab Up,Tab Down (Optional)
LED Color: Green,Yellow,Orange,Red (Optional)
Shielding: Shielded with EMI Finger,Shielded,Unshielded (Optional)
PCB Mount: Right Angle,Vertical (Optional)
Contact Gold Plated: 6u",15u",30u",50u" (Optional)
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 70°C,-40°C ~ 85°C (Optional)

Product Description

  • Application: 10/100Base-T Ethernet
  • Latch: Tab Down
  • LED:Green-Yellow
  • Shielding: Shielded,EMI Finger
  • PCB Mount: Right Angle/Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Categories: Connector,Interconnect,Modular Connector,Jack With Magnetic
  • Lead Free: RoHS Compliant

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